• Patented double knuckle hinges allow end gates to swing 360 degrees and fold flat against either side of the main frame
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Main frame is 20′ 4″ long
  • Horizontal pipes are new 2″ diameter 14 gauge thickness
  • Pipe spacing is 12″ on center with a rod in between the first two pipes for calves
  • Bottom pipe is 13″ off the ground
  • Overall gate height is 62″ tall
  • Every swinging gate has a chain catch and 3′ of heavy gate chain
  • The only way for a cow to get gates lifted off the main section would be to use a torch!
  • Cattle can’t move it because they can’t get their head under it, and when they push against the gate up high, the tires bite and are heavy enough that they don’t move
  • Tire bases are concrete filled, but only rubber touches the ground, making it have a footprint of 400 lbs/sq ft.
  • Rubber tires are what keeps the gate from freezing solid to the ground
  • Simply slide your pallet fork, bale spear, or loader bucket blade under the edge of the tires to break them loose prior to lifting the gate

20′ EnduraGate

20' EnduraGate

30′ EnduraGate

30' EnduraGate

40′ EnduraGate

40' EnduraGate
2 Pen EnduraGate

2 Pen EnduraGate

  • Main frame is 20′ 4″ long
EnduraGate 3 Pen

3 Pen EnduraGate

  • Main frame is 20′ 4″ long
4 Pen EnduraGate

4 Pen EnduraGate

  • Main frame is 20′ 4″ long
Calf Creep Gate

Calf Creep Gate

  • Any 10′ gate can be upgraded to a creep gate
  • Spring-loaded pins easily lock and unlock the creep gate with one hand
Standard Swing Gate

Swing Gates

  • We also build standard lengths and custom size swing gates to use throughout your operation.

Windbreak Panel

Bottomless Fenceline Bunk

Bottomless H Bunk

Bottomless “H” Bunk

Continuous Fence

Continuous Fence

6 Bar, Clips and connectors included

Bull Panel

Calving Cage

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